Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones | 5 best Bluetooth projector Collection

You know that feeling when you’re so excited about something new and the thought of waiting another day to buy it is unbearable? That’s how I felt with this Bluetooth projector for android phones. It was so new, so innovative, and just what I wanted! But before making a purchase decision, I started doing my research on other brands in the market. The more I looked into things like power usage and device compatibility, the better my old projector seemed by comparison. In the end, after much deliberation between two great options, I decided to go with a different one here I breakdown 5 Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones.

Detailed guide about the Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones





UUO Native 1080P



Gzunelic 9500

ViewSonic M2e

1.UUO Native 1080P Projector

In the list of Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones, the first one is UUO Native 1080P Projector is a UUO-powered projector that can link to your Bluetooth device and display whatever you need on the wall up to 100sq feet! It also has a USB port and an HDMI port so it can be used as a normal projector. The UUO Native 1080P Projector comes with free UUO Video, which means that it can play everything including TV shows and movies in 4k UHD quality! UUO Video is the world’s most popular streaming service, so now you don’t even have to wait for the movie to download before projecting!

The UUOs’ biggest competitor, the NATIVE, has been trying very hard this year to catch up to UUO with their 1080P projector. They’ve created a projector that can project in 3D but has UUO Video compatibility, however, UUO is planning to release a brand new technology where you don’t even need glasses or Bluetooth devices.

The UUOs’ biggest advantage over NATIVE is that they have been known for creating the best TVs and computers on the market since UUO was founded in Uuo City, Uuotario in 1905 by John Elk. John Elk had a vision of a world where everyone could “play” with their TV’s and UUO’s idea was born. Looks like his vision is finally here!

UUO Native 1080P Features

  • You can finally watch your favorite TV show or movie in 1080P.
  • Never worry about not being able to play the latest game with this screen resolution.
  • UUO Native supports 3D rendering for immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Compatible with all major operating systems while maintaining smooth frame rates, unlike other screen resolutions
  • The only 1080P recording device for the best quality
  • Allows you to record videos in any setting with just one button, making it super easy
  • Unlimited video length so you can capture anything that’s worth keeping
  • Share your videos on social media or backup them automatically to UUO devices
  • Perfect for those looking to enjoy home theater entertainment
  • Bright enough to let you watch in a moderately-lit room
  • Uses an LED bulb, which lasts longer
  • Seems to hold up great
  • The projector is shipped quickly
  • The speaker is only one, but no worries because it is pretty loud

2. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector makes the second position on the list of Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones ONOAYO 5G WIFI Projector is One of the most popular home entertainment devices is, without a doubt, the projector. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector claims to be one of the best projectors that will blow your mind with an impressive list of features. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers and phone charging capabilities which are very useful for people who want to have so much more than just projected images on their screens.

Onoayo claims this projector is really easy to set up. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector has a wifi function so you can watch movies from your pc or mobile device wirelessly. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector can display pictures or videos directly from a USB flash drive or SD memory card. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector has a 170″ projection, ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector can be used day and night. ONOAYO 5G Wi-Fi projector supports real-time projecting and ONoayo says this is the best projector under $200. ONOAYO claim that ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector with Bluetooth speakers will give you great sound effect for parties or family gathering. ONOOYOA projector claims to be easy to install and compatible with any HDMI devices such as Laptop, Computer, Xbox, PS4, DVD players, etc…

One of the main downsides of the ONOOYOA projector is it has a bit of a short life span which ONOOYOA claims the ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector is designed for home entertainment, ONOAYO 5G Wi-Fi projector is not advisable to use in large audiences. ONOOYA projector only has a wifi connection which means you can’t connect your device using a hardwire. ONOOYOA claims ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector with Bluetooth speakers will provide surround sound effects. ONOOYA says the ONOYA projector doesn’t have a full high-definition display. The ONOOYA projector does not work in the dark which means the ONOYA projector is more suitable for day use.

The appearance is good.

The setup process is very easy if you follow the user manual.

I can project a very clear picture directly from a 6ft distance to a white wall.

The built-in sound is very good and has the feel of a home theater.

It works with a 5G/2.4GHZ wifi network and the connection with wifi is really fast and stable.

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector Features

  • Share your favorite films with friends and family
  • Watch football with high speed internet connections
  • Connect with wireless headphones for a surround sound experience
  • FaceTime those that matter most to you
  • The ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector is the gadget of all gadgets.
  • The perfect projector for anyone who has a digital lifestyle
  • Watch content from your favorite streaming apps, show slideshows from social media, and even create big-screen gaming experiences without an extra TV
  • Play interactive games on the wall, or enjoy 360 degree panoramic videos in living color
  • Cast anything to its wide 100″ projection with 5G WiFi technology for ultra-smooth playback
  • The appearance is good.
  • The setup process is very easy if you follow the user manual.
  • I can project a very clear picture directly from a 6ft distance to a white wall.
  • The built-in sound is very good and has the feel of a home theater.
  • It works with 5G/2.4GHZ wifi network and connection with wifi is really fast and stable.
  • The built-in ±50° 4D keystone correction function is commendable.
  • It produces heat if you play high-end games for long time

3. XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector

XGIMI is the maker of XGIMI H1 and XGIMI Z3 Smart Projectors, which were both featured on our website multiple times. Their upcoming projector looks to set a new standard for portable projectors: it’s sleek, has a powerful battery, and will retail at $679. The XGIMI MoGo Pro uses LED illumination technology and claims to offer better brightness than other projectors its size. The projector pairs with any Bluetooth device such as your phone or laptop for an enhanced viewing experience.

XGIMI says that the MoGo Pro is suitable for projecting images up to 120 inches in size (watch XGIMI Demo Video ). Xgimi’s team says that the XGIMI MoGo Pro will be 30-40% brighter than its closest competitor, the LG Minibeam P300. The XGIMI MoGo Pro is compatible with both HDMI and Bluetooth, which allows for easy connectivity to other devices. XGIMI has designed the projector so that it can be used easily in vertical or horizontal mode by adjusting the leg at the back of the projector. The XGIMI MoGo Pro comes with a built-in 6000mAh battery allowing for 5 hours of continuous playback on one full charge. Simi also claims two additional features: “cinema mode” and “mobile anti-blue light”. XGIMI’s “cinema mode” allows users to watch a movie in a dark room with a reduced noise level and reduced lamp flicker. XGIMI’s “mobile anti-blue light” ensures that the images on the screen are not too harsh for your eyes. Simi has also included an additional Bluetooth wireless keyboard so you can easily type, play games, or quickly reply to emails even when projecting from your phone. Simi says they have been working hard to bring you MoGo Pro Portable Projector at about half of the price of other similar products currently available on the market today!

XGIMI MoGo Pro Features

  • Sleek modern design that takes up minimal space
  • Thin and light to take on the road with you for movie nights in your hotel room
  • Perfect size to plug into any HDMI port for big screen viewing or gaming sessions at home, dorms or offices.
  • Has a keyboard for those who do not want to type on a touch screen.
  • Battery life is xx hours and you can use it for ____ days without charging it again.
  • Connects wirelessly so there are no cords bringing your attention away from what you need to do
  • Superb image quality
  • Stock Android
  • Great design
  • Very compact form factor
  • Good audio rendition
  • USB port is 2.0 type
  • No card reader

4. Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi Projector

The Gzunelic 9500 lumen Android WiFi projector is a product created by Gzunelic Technologies, an international electronics company based out of the United States. The Gzunelic projector is compatible with Bluetooth and can be connected to any android smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Once paired with one of these devices, users can project their screen onto any wall or flat surface and utilize the Gzunelic as a monitor.

GzUnElIc Gzunelic 9500 Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones

The GHZUNELIC® is a handheld multimedia projector that can display multimedia to a big screen. Up to 100″ diagonal, the ultra-high 9500 lumens of brightness makes Gzunelic® can be used outdoor, even in daylight. Generic Projector is the only portable projector that can project computer/laptop/smartphone screen on big screen Gzunelic comes with an Android operation system so it has access to over 800,000 apps Gzunelic is great for your business meetings PowerPoint Presentations File playback Via USB NAS HDD Easily Scales up to 100 inches G4

GzUnElIc Gzunelic 9500Lumen XGA DLP LED Mini Pocket Mobile Home Theater Dual Speaker Video Audio Game Player Support NAS HDD PPT/Office Office File Playback G4

The G-Box Midnight was G-Box’s first product which has a G-Box brand name written all over it, this G-Box is dubbed to be the GTV of tablets. GTV means GizmoTv and Gizmotv can act as an android media player which can play multimedia via Bluetooth or wifi tethering to your android phones. This GTV also has support for screen mirroring enabling you to project your mobile screen onto a big screen display with a Gzunelic wireless projector which comes with a 1-year warranty. The GzUnElIc 9500 Lumen Android Wifi Projector.

Gzunelic 9500 lumens Features

  • The largest and brightest screen in its class
  • Easy to use: connect with your devices, project onto any surface
  • Powerful and efficient: 9500 Lm brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3200 ANSI lumens; A+ Image Quality
  • Brand new and in the latest technology
  • Unexpected dimension for your home cinema
  • Ultra-sharp 800×480 pixels on a 120″ screen
  • Smart remote so you can operate it from the couch or anywhere in the room
  • Keyboard and mouse to get even more hands-on control
  • Friendly price that’s perfect for anyone on a budget
  • Rated output at 7,000 lumens;
  • Contrasts ratio at 10000: 1;
  • The internal speaker is not just handy for use outside but also surprisingly decent – it’s not just a simple speaker

5. ViewSonic M2e Smart Wi-Fi Portable Mini Projector

ViewSonic ViewPad M2e is a great projector for people who are looking to have friends over for some streaming movies or sports games. ViewSonic ViewTap M2e also has other features that make it the best portable mini projector on the market today. ViewSonic ViewPad M2e has Bluetooth which can wirelessly hook up to another Bluetooth device such as your laptop, smartphone, home entertainment system, etc. ViewSonic ViewPad M2e is compatible with popular digital media streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku for you to stream various programs directly to the Viewpad.

If you are looking into purchasing the Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones cheaper alternative but still want high quality, Viewsonic ViewSonic LAB MP100 might be the projector for you. ViewSonic LAB MP100 also has a 2-year warranty and Viewsonic ViewPad M2e’s 4-year warranty. ViewSonic LAB MP100 is much different than Viewsonic ViewTap M2e because it only has one HDMI port and no Bluetooth which means there are no wireless hookups to your devices, however, ViewSonic ViewSonic LAB MP100 is lighter which makes it easier to take on the go!

ViewSonic M2e Features

  • Watch movies, video chat or share your screen wirelessly
  • Up to 100″ easy setup with ultra-bright WXGA resolution of 1024×600
  • Full HD 1080p playback with HDMI connection
  • Easily connect to Wi-Fi and project from anywhere in the world
  • Great for using outdoors- Perfect for your next camping trip, tailgating party or outdoor event
  • The Smart Projector App lets you watch videos and access content from Netflix, YouTube and more. You can also use the app to control it with a smart device.
  • Mini projector: lightweight and compact so it’s easy to take anywhere  
  • perfect for last minute business presentations
  • Streams video wirelessly: Connecting the projector to the internet is easier than ever with its built in Wi-fi
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Built-in streaming
  • Can run off a USB-C battery pack
  • Streaming options aren’t great

here we break down the Best Bluetooth projectors for android phones Projector for android is an easy and affordable way to share your favorite content with friends and family. It’s a great accessory for home entertainment, business presentations, or even just streaming movies on the go! If you’re ready to buy one of these projectors but don’t know where to start, We’ll tell you what features are worth paying attention to when selecting this type of product so that it will suit your needs best.