How to clean a projector inside the lens

If you’re a business owner that uses a projector, then chances are, at some point or another, it’s going to need the lens cleaned.

It’s an easy process and one that can be done relatively quickly. Let’s learn how to clean a projector inside the lens.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to clean a projector inside the lens so your presentations will always look their best!

Clean the lens with a dry microfiber cloth

If you use a lens cleaning solution, spray the solution on the cloth and not directly on the projector lens.

Never spray any fluid directly anywhere inside the projector, and never touch anything other than what was mentioned before (dry microfiber cloth).

Don’t worry about how moist your cleaning is: you’re wiping off moisture already there.

If one drop of water should fall into this thing while cleaning, it will be automatically ejected out of one of those holes for that purpose.   

Your cleaner must be compatible with whatever optical plastics your projector lens is made from.

Use warm water for dusting down salt crystals or other harmless “bug bombs” before powering off the projector after an outburst like that. Afterward, wipe dry as usual with a dry microfiber cloth.

You may think how to clean a projector lens is superfluous because you’ll be replacing it sooner or later anyway, but this won’t hurt and will save your time in service:

This way, you know how clean a projector lens really is and how much dust and dirt accumulates inside the housing that you can no longer see without opening it up.

The appearance of your lamps (filament, electrodes…) might also convince you how good an idea it is to keep the surrounding area as dust-free as possible.

The air streaming through when doing cooling by means of a fan has a better chance of removing such dust particles than having them stand still over years when they probably melt together, forming mud at some point…

  • Wipe across the lens in straight lines to avoid streaking.
  • Wipe it both horizontally and then vertically to ensure that you have removed all of the particles on your lens.
  • If any hairs or strings stick to your cloth as you are wiping, use tweezers to pluck them off before continuing.
  • Spray glass cleaner onto the lens and wipe it around with a dry microfiber cloth

Problem solved! Outdated lenses are no longer an issue for projectors with how-to guides like this one at hand!

You can now enjoy your modern projector without having to worry about how difficult it is going to be to clean your lens.


how to clean a projector inside the lens
how to clean a projector inside the lens

Use compressed air to blow away any remaining dust from inside of the projector or camera lens

how to clean a projector inside the lens Make sure no liquids or moisture accidentally gets inside your camera lens or projector when you are cleaning it.

Use only compressed air to clean any dirt, dust, or debris from the lens. If there is heavy dirt, use a small brush that will not scratch the lens (a soft toothbrush works great).

Remove all of the cables and attachments that connect your camera to other devices. Ensure there is nothing attached to your device before you begin cleaning with compressed air.

Clean the outside of your device in order to remove any fingerprints, smudges, or other soilings.

You can use standard glass cleaner on most surfaces but be careful how much you spray so as not to loosen screws on the projector itself. Clean one part at a time to avoid mixing up parts.

Use a small, soft brush to carefully clean the lens of your camera or projector. Do not use anything that may scratch the exterior of the lens (a toothbrush works best). Make sure you do not get water or any other liquid on the outside lens when cleaning.

Reassemble your camera or projector after ensuring it is completely dry.

Use compressed air to remove any dust from inside the device before reassembling, if desired. If there are no cables attached, attach them in their original positions and tighten the screws again. All set!

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If you have an air compressor, use that to clean out your camera or projector’s lens.

Well, there are some things that work really well but will leave your hands black. And let’s face it; how to clean a projector’s lens with your hands is not ideal.

Here’s how to clean the lens of any camera or projector:

First, you’ll need to get yourself some screenwash and a soft cloth. What we’re going to be doing is filling the cloth with screen wash and using that like we would use rubbing alcohol on our skin. 

You can remove fingerprints and smudges off most lenses this way (be sure not to touch the bulb as that could damage it). If there are stubborn marks on your camera or projector lens, get a soft bristle toothbrush and some dish soap.

The dish soap makes the screenwash more effective at wiping away difficult marks.

Always make sure there are no obstructions in front of your lenses when using them.

Always make sure there are no obstructions in front of your lenses when using them. There should be nothing in the way of the projector.

If you are using a lens cleaner, make sure it is safe for your equipment and always follow the directions on how to use it. Make sure there is no debris or dust inside of your lenses before cleaning them.

Wherever you plan to clean the lenses, do so where they will not be hurt by water or other liquids that may drip down into them during the process.

In case the lenses become wet, set them aside in order to dry properly after they have been cleaned before returning them back into their housings.

Do not attempt any type of lens clean unless you feel confident in how to go about it; if something needs fixing when cleaning your projector lens, contact someone who is experienced in how to fix them.

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Keep your equipment in good condition by following these steps before each use.

What you will need to keep your equipment in good condition by following these steps before each use.

A projector/lens cleaning kit can be purchased at your local electronics store or online. Look for the ones that include a lens pen, microfiber cloth, and compressed air spray.

Make sure it is compatible with your equipment if you are using a combination of tools. In other words, don’t get one made for a TV lens if you’re trying to clean an overhead projector, etc.

– Blower  – Compressed Air   If you do not have these items available then ask an employee at your local electronics store how to make them yourself from common household items…or buy a toolset from Amazon here.   

● Step 1: Blow All Dust Off Lens and Case

Turn on the projector. Make sure all equipment is unplugged and that it has cooled down for at least an hour before you begin cleaning.

Blow off the exterior lens with compressed air or a can of compressed air used for electronic components (available at your local electronics store).

 Now remove dust from the lens using procedures outlined below in steps 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Turn off the projector once finished. Do not leave the projector running when you are not using it, as it will overheat! This is how projectors are destroyed!                                                                      

● Step 2: Clean Projector Exterior Using A Lens Pen

Never touch the projector lens with your fingers. Touching it will leave oils that can damage your image quality.

If you have never cleaned the lens, then it is advisable to clean it prior to attempting to remove built-up dust or dirt on the exterior lens.

● Step 3: Blow Dust Out Of Case Using Compressed Air

Turn the projector on and allow the lens cap to fall shut if one is fitted on the front of the projector body.

Aim the nozzle at the back of the projector where lenses are exposed through a laser port (or any other access point, like vents).

If the projector has a fan exhaust blowing out then aim the nozzle toward that instead.                    

● Step 4: Clean Internal Lenses Using a Microfiber Cloth

Unplug the projector and allow it to cool down for at least an hour.

● Step 5: Blow Dust Out Of Lens Ducts Using Compressed Air

Turn the projector on and ensure all vents are clear from any built-up dust or dirt. Aim nozzle toward ducts where lenses pivot out of case/body when in use or towards fan exhaust if applicable through laser port (or any other access point, like vents).

If the projector has a fan exhaust blowing out then aim the nozzle toward that instead.